Arnold KLP

Arnold KLP is a new agency created for a new marketing landscape.

Over the last decade the Internet changed forever the way that people and brands connect; consumers took charge, boundaries became blurred, integration became a necessity, extraordinary new creative possibilities were born.

In 2010 we thought it was time for a new start. We’ve brought together industry leading capabilities in the areas most influential to brand performance; advertising, branded entertainment, through the line promotion, retail and digital marketing. We evolved a collaborative way of working that draws on our intimate channel insight to deliver dynamic creative solutions.

We believe in great work that works. Ideas that build deeper relationships between brands and consumers; relationships that engage as much as they inform, that entertain as much as they seek to educate. Most importantly, great work that delivers real commercial benefit to our clients.

We’re a brand new start up… but one that comes with a 100 strong talent pool and a portfolio of amazing clients. We’ve only just started but we have 50 years worth of heritage and a track record for producing extraordinary advertising and truly ground-breaking promotional properties.

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Hugh Treacy
Managing Director
Martin Smith
Head of Planning
Tony Maciocia
Gillian Arthur


Arnold KLP

87-91 Newman Street
London, W1T 3EY
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 7079 2200


Hugh Treacy
Managing Director