Founded in 2015, located in Building 24, No. 79 Shuangying West Road, Changping District, Beijing, with an experimental area of nearly 7,000 m2.There are more than 180 employees, and more than 50% have postgraduate degrees or intermediate and senior titles. The relevant business and technology elites have more than 10 years of R&D experience and are familiar with all aspects of drug research and development to production, and have rich practical experience in the field of innovative drug research and development.


It has a TCM research center and a chemical medicine research center, which have unique characteristics in the development of innovative drugs, aerosol inhalation preparation, dispensing granule and Chinese Classical Formulas. The vocational work contains preclinical research of new drug, technical development and services for dispensing granule and Chinese classical formulas and technical services for secondary development, supplementary applications as well.

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