Increasepharm (Tianjin) Institute Co., Ltd. which was built in 2017, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Increasepharm Corporation Limited. The company is located in Hengtong Enterprise Port of Xiqing District and recognized as a national high-tech enterprise with more than 200 employees, 76 of whom have master or doctor's degree, vice-senior title or above. It has formed a high-quality scientific and technological R&D team led by PhD supervisors and professors.

Increasepharm (Tianjin) has a total of six research centers for TCM resource research center, new drug of TCM research center, chemical medicine preparation research center, raw medicine  research center, support management center and science and technology management center. The company has invested in the construction of nearly 11,000 square meters of first-class modern comprehensive laboratory. At the same time, a pharmaceutical expert team, TCM recourses expert team, pharmacological and toxicological expert team are established to provide guarantee for the company's technological development.

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